QRT #137 – “A Dangerous Theology,” by Emily Provance

Continuing the theme of “A Quaker Theology of Vocational Ministry” in QRT #137 (Fall 2021), Emily Provance contributes, “A Dangerous Theology,” considering the dangers of Quaker ministers stepping out in faithfulness in a vocational theology requiring community support, if that community does not enact support. She offers recommendations for ministers to build the community support they need. Read her article when you purchase this issue here.

“When Friends say to a minister, ‘The community is responsible for empowering ministry,’ it can cause an individual to commit to the risk, believing that the community will be present to play its role, and often, the community is not there.”

—Emily Provance, “A Dangerous Theology,” Quaker Religious Thought 137, Fall 2021, p. 17
QRT #137 – “A Dangerous Theology,” by Emily Provance

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