Since the first issue in 1949, Quaker Religious Thought has been fortunate to have great editors serve this publication.

Current Editor

Jon R. Kershner, Pacific Lutheran University

Associate Editors

Paul Anderson, George Fox University
Gayle Beebe, Westmont College
Carole Dale Spencer, Portland Seminary of George Fox University
Jeffrey Dudiak, The Kings University College

Business Manager

Eric Muhr, Barclay Press (ericmuhr@gmail.com)

Website & Social Media Manager

Cherice Bock, Portland Seminary of George Fox University (co-chair, Quaker Theological Discussion Group)

Advisory Council

Ruth Pitman
Corwynn Beals
Stephen Angell
Max Carter
Susan Jeffers
Christy Randazzo (co-chair, Quaker Theological Discussion Group)
Howard Macy
Maddy Ward
Oscar Lugusa Malande
Derek Brown
Eileen R. Kinch
C. Wess Daniels
Stuart Masters

Previous Issues Editors

#1–10       J. Calvin Keene
#11–20     T. Canby Jones
#21–38    Christine Downing
#39–46    T. Vail Palmer
#47–54    T. Vail Palmer and Dean Freiday
#55–71     Dean Freiday
#72–94    Arthur O. Roberts
#95–117   Paul Anderson
#118–129 Howard R. Macy
#130–Present Jon R. Kershner

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