The purpose of the Quaker Theological Discussion Group (QTDG) is to explore the meaning and implications of our Quaker faith and religious experience through discussion and publication. This search for unity in the claim of truth upon us concerns both the content and application of our faith.

In recent decades, the QTDG has generally met in conjunction with the American Academy of Religion and Society of Biblical Literature (AAR/SBL) meetings in November each year. Two panel presentations are arranged annually, and these contribute papers for the two issues of Quaker Religious Thought for the following year.

Quaker Theological Discussion Group steering committee:

Christy Randazzo (co-chair)
Cherice Bock (co-chair)
Jon Kershner
C. Wess Daniels
Stephen Angell
Maddy Pennington
Carole Spencer
Jennifer Buck

Previous gatherings of Quaker Theological Discussion Group:

Barnesville 2009 Monday, June 22 (50th Anniversary)

2008 November Meeting

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