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1:1, #1 (1959)

“The Quaker Doctrine of the Holy Spirit,” Howard H. Brinton;
Comments: Lewis Benson, Thomas S. Brown, Charles F. Thomas.

1:2, #2 (1959)

“The Quaker Interpretation of the Significance of Christ,” Maurice Creasey;
Comments: Harold Walker, Theodor Benfey, Douglas Steere.

2:1, #3 (1960)

“The Early Quaker Vision of the Church,” Lewis Benson;
Comments: Henry J. Cadbury, T. Canby Jones, D. Elton Trueblood.

2:2, #4 (1960)

“Quaker Perspectives on the Nature of Man,” Wilmer A. Cooper;
Comments: A. Burns Chalmers, Edna M. Hall, Duane Moon.

3:1, #5 (1961)

“Early Friends and the Work of Christ,” Arthur O. Roberts;
Comments: Lorton Heusel, Paul A. Lacey, T. Joseph Pickvance;
“Religious Experience and Religious Thought,” J. Calvin Keene.

3:2, #6 (1961)

“Quakerism and Historical Interpretation of Religion,” Chris Downing;
“Spiritual Religion and Historical Religion,” Wilmer A. Cooper;
“Relation of Quakerism to Its Own History,” Lewis Benson.

4:1, #7 (1962)

“Christ and Truth,” Hugh S. Barbour;
“The Bible in George Fox and Contemporary Quakerism,” T. Canby Jones;
“Can These Bones Live?” J. H. McCandless.

4:2, #8 (1962)

“The Paradox of the Quaker Ministry,” D. Elton Trueblood;
Comments: George A. Selleck, James R. Stein, and Herbert M. Hadley;
“Quaker Belief and Experience,” John H. Curtis.

5:1, #9 (1963)

“Quakers and the Sacraments,” Maurice A. Creasey;
Comments: J. Floyd Moore, David O. Stanfield, Lewis Benson.

5:2, #10 (1963)

“Beyond Diversity to a Common Experience of God,” Douglas V. Steere;
“Christ as Servant as Motivation to Quaker Service,” T. Canby Jones;
Comments: Paul A. Lacey, Arthur O. Roberts.

6:1, #11 (1964)

“The Peace Testimony: Does Christian Commitment Make a Difference?” T. Vail Palmer, Jr.;
Comments: Stephen G. Cary, Stephen B. Ross, Eric S. Tucker.

6:2, #12 (1964)

“What is Theology?” Christine R. Downing;
Comments: Frederic R. Crownfield, Verlin O. Hinshaw, Melvin Keiser.

7:1, #13 (1965)

“The Thought of Robert Barclay: An Evaluation,” Francis B. Hall;
Comments: Maurice A. Creasey, James J. Flood, D. Elton Trueblood.

7:2, #14 (1965)

“Historic Quakerism and Mysticism,” J. Calvin Keene;
Comments: John R. Yungblut, Lewis Benson, T. Vail Palmer, Jr.

8:1, #15 (1966)

“The Death of ‘the Man Upstairs;’ A Critical Appraisal of the New Theology,” Paul A. Lacey;
Comments: Chris Downing, J. H. McCandless, Clinton L. Reynolds.

8:2, #16 (1966) Friends World Conference Issue

“The Future of Quakerism,” Roland H. Bainton, Everett L. Cattell, Maurice A. Creasey.

9:1, #17 (1967)

“Holiness and Christian Renewal,” Arthur O. Roberts;
Comments: Eugene L. Collins, Cecil E. Hinshaw, and Dan Wilson;
“Continuing Discussion on ‘The Future of Quakerism’,” Kelvin Van Nuys.

9:2, #18 (1967/8)

“Revolutionary Faithfulness,” R.W. Tucker;
The Peace Testimony of Friends in the 20th Century, reviewer J. H. McCandless;
Barclay’s Apology in Modern English, reviewer Francis B. Hall.

10:1, #19 (1968)

“Quakers and Ecumenism,” A. Burns Chalmers, Gerald W. Dillon, Dean Freiday, T. Canby Jones, John H. Yoder.

10:2, #20 (1968)

“A Theology of Quaker Education,” Thomas S. Brown.

11:1, #21 (1969) The God of the Future:

“Modern Man and Ancient Testimonies,” Kenneth E. Boulding;
“An Eschatological Theology,” Chris Downing;
“Hope,” W. Russell Johnson.

11:2, #22 (1969)

“Protestant Quakerism,” Hugh S. Barbour;
Comments: Lewis Benson, Chard Smith, Melvin Keiser.

12:1, #23 (1970)

“Religion and Psychology: The Limits of the Psyche as Touchstone of Reality,” Maurice Friedman;
Comments: Elined P. Kotschnig, Joseph Havens, J. Calvin Keene, Chris Downing.

12:2, #24 (1970)

“‘That of God in Every Man’-What Did George Fox Mean by It?” Lewis Benson;
Comments: T. Canby Jones, Francis B. Hall.

12:3, #25 (1970)

“Teilhard de Chardin and the Aggiornamento of Quaker Theology,” John R. Yungblut;
Comments: Kelvin Van Nuys, T. Vail Palmer, Jr., Hugh S. Barbour, Chris Downing.

12:4, #26 (1971)

“The Spirit of the Nation,” T. Vail Palmer, Jr.

13:1, #27 (1971)

“Structural Incongruities in Quaker Service,” R.W. Tucker;
Comments: Paul C. Williams, John Pocock, William F. Rushby.

13:2, #28 (1971/2)

“Deeds and Rules in Quaker Ethics,” T. Vail Palmer, Jr.;
Comments: Hugh S. Barbour, T. Canby Jones, Paul E. Pfuetze.

13:3 & 4, #29&30 (1972)

“A Call in the Wilderness,” Otto M. Boetes;
“The God of Peace,” Hugh S. Barbour.

14:1, #31 (1972)

“The Quaker Testimony of Simplicity,” Charles E. Fager;
Comments: Lawrence Scott, Larry Kuenning.

14:2, #32 (1972)

“The Trusting Agnostic,” Scot Crom;
Comments: Maurice H. Friedman, John H. McCandless.

14:3, #33 (1972/3)

“Cultural Impedimenta Old and New in Friends’ Relation to the Arts,” Candida Palmer.

14:4, #34 (1973)

“Friends and the Sacraments: Some Critical Perspectives,” T. Vail Palmer, Jr., Charles S. Ball,
Maurice A. Creasey, Anna C. Brinton, R.W. Tucker, Candida Palmer.

15:1, #35 (1973)

“The Early Quakers and the Doctrine of Authority,” Dean Freiday.

15:2, #36 (1974)

“Prayer in Solitude,” John R. Yungblut;
“Worship as Experienced,” T. Canby Jones.

15:3, #37 (1974)

“‘Answering That of God in Every Man;’ An Interpretation of Fox’s Ethics,” James F.

15:4, #38 (1974)

“The Life of the Cross and the Coming of the Kingdom,” John H. McCandless;
“Reflection on Death and Resurrection,” Arthur O. Roberts.

16:1 & 2, #39 & 40 (1974/5)

“Christ as Prophet: Studies in the Basis for Christian Obedience,” Howard R. Macy,
Lewis Benson, John H. Curtis, Keith Esch, T. Canby Jones.

16:3, #41 (1975)

“Ministries of the Holy Spirit,” Roswith Gerloff, Carlisle G. Davidson, Richard A. Baer, Jr., John H. Curtis, Wilmer A. Cooper.

16:4, #42 (1976)

“Explorations in the Theology of the Holy Spirit,” Stanley Perisho, John H. Curtis, Wilmer A. Cooper.

17:1, #43 (1976/7)

“Was George Fox a Prophet?; A Study of the Criteria for Old Testament Prophecy,” William R. Durland;
Comments: Eugene F. Roop, Douglas Gwyn, Arthur O. Roberts.

17:2, #44 (1977)

“Justice in the Biblical Tradition,” Eugene F. Roop;
Comments: A. Barrie Pittock, James F. Childress.

17:3, #45 (1977/8)

“The People of God in the World Today,” William T. Scott, Kara Cole.

17:4, #46 (1978)

“Rufus Jones and Mysticism,” Daniel E. Bassuk;
Comments: John Yungblut, J. Floyd Moore, Lewis Benson.

18:1 #47 (1978)

“Early Quaker Ecclesiology,” Donald S. Nesti, C.S.Sp.;
Comments: Charles F. Thomas, Arthur O. Roberts.

18:2, #48 (1979)

“Christ’s Wife: A Vision for All Women,” Lisa B. Kuenning;
Comments: Lorena Jeanne Tinker.

18:3, #49 (1980)

“The Everlasting Gospel and John 15,” Dean Freiday, Douglas Gwyn;
Comments: Nancy N. Jackson, Ursula Windsor.

18:4, #50 (1980)

“The Quietist Heritage,” William P. Taber, Ruth M. Pitman.

19:1, #51 (1981)

“Sin, Perfection, and the Faithful Community,” Nancy N. Jackson, Arthur O. Roberts;
Comments: Dennis Dick, Sandra Cronk.

19:2, #52 (1981)

“God in Thought and Experience,” Calvin Keene; Comments: Michael Russell.

19:3, #53 (1982)

“Theology of Evangelism and Outreach,” Alan Kolp, Ronald D. Allen, Lawrence E. Barker;
“Wives and Metaphors,” Gardiner Stillwell.

19: 4, #54 (1982)

“Quaker Worship,” William W. Stafford;
“The Quaker Role in Education,” R. Ward Harrington;
“Peacemaking in Apocalyptic Times,” Dale W. Brown;
“Eschatology in Daily Living,” Lorton Heusel.

20: 1, #55 (1983)

“Prayer,” Richard J. Foster, Myron W. Weaver, Robert L. Faricy, S.J.;
“Prayers of William Penn.”

20: 2, #56 (1984)

“Marriage and the Family,” Stanley Hauerwas, David Bourns, Lois Mammel, William P. Roberts;
“Suggested Readings on Marriage, the Family, and the Role of Women,” Ruth Pitman, Lois Mammel.

20:3, #57 (1984)

“Living in the Life and Sharing It,” Ellen Pye;
Comments: Howard R. Macy, Fritz Hertzberg;
“Friends, Sacraments, and Sacramental Living,” Alan Kolp.

20:4, #58 (1984) Hope and Despair-Part I:

“Some Values for Undergirding Justice & Peace Themselves,” Edward F. Snyder;
“Practicing the Gospel of Hope in a Nuclear Age,” Daniel A. Seeger;
Comments: Patricia Edwards-DeLancey;
Reviews of the U.S., French, and West German Catholic Bishops’ Peace Letters.

21:1, #59 (1985) Hope and Despair-Part II:

“An Alternative Apocalypse,” Douglas Gwyn;
“How We Share the Gospel of Hope,” Ben Richmond.

21:2, #60 (1985)

“Coming to the Messiah and Living in Christ,” Arthur Berk;
Comments: George Rubin, Cheshire Fager, Michael Wyschogrod;
“Structures of Accountability,” Ruth M. Pitman.

21:3, #61 (1985)

“A Critique of Accountability,” Wilmer A. Cooper;
Comments: Patricia Edwards-DeLancey;
“Accountability: A Biblical Approach,” Dorothy H. Craven;
Comments: Perry Yoder;
Comments on Ruth Pitman’s Paper (in QRT #60): Larry Kuenning.

21:4, #62 (1986)

“The Atonement: A Biblical Study,” Robert C. Buswell;
“‘Atonement’ in Historical Perspective,” Dean Freiday;
Comments: Hugh Barbour, Sandra Cronk, Mary K. George, Kenneth A. Mammel, Ron Selleck.

22:1,2, #63 & 64 (1986) Latin American Liberation Theology:

“A Quaker Perspective,” Shirley Dodson;
“Political Ethics,” Bernard T. Adeney;
“Social Spirituality in John Woolman and Gustavo Gutierrez,” Philip L. Boroughs, S.J.;
Comments: Douglas V. Steere.

22:3, #65 (1987) Lewis Benson Issue:

Guest Editorial, “Lewis Benson, Evaluating His Contribution,” Wilmer A. Cooper
Comments: T. Canby Jones, Arthur O. Roberts, John Punshon, John Howard Yoder;
“The Prophetic Gospel,” Dorlan Bales;
“Fox’s Message,” Lisa Kuenning;
“Called Out,” Hugh S. Barbour;
“Toward A Biography,” Terry S. Wallace.

22:4, #66 (1987) Facing Sin and Evil:

“Captivity Among the Idols in Early Quakerism,” Douglas Gwyn;
“Attitudes of 18th-Century American Friends,” Jack D. Marietta;
“The Influence of Rufus Jones,” Wilmer A. Cooper;
“A Sociological Perspective,” Terry Arendell;
Comments: Ann Miller, Ronald E. Selleck;
Book Review: John H. McCandless.

23:1, #67 (1988) Martin Luther King, Jr.:

“King’s Liberating Theology,” Larry Miller;
“With the Kings in India,” James E. Bristol;
“King’s Transforming Love,” Philip M. Lord;
“For Our Children,” Adam Corson-Finnerty;
Creeds, Society and Human Rights, Book Review, B. B. Beach.

23:2,3, #68 & 69 (1988) Justice and Peace:

“Theology and Bloodless Revolution,” Lon Fendall;
“Power in Pacifism,” Lonnie Valentine;
“Quaker Peace Witness,” T. Vail Palmer, Jr.;
“The Peace Testimony,” John Punshon.

23:4, #70 (1988/9)

“Prophecy’s Rise and Eclipse,” Douglas Gwyn;
“Atonement-A Revisionist View,” Margaret J. Benefiel;
“‘Eucharistic Fellowship’: Are Friends Included?” Jay W. Marshall.

24:1, #71 (1989)

“The Universalism of Christ in Early Quaker Understanding,” Arthur O. Roberts;
“Reciprocal Renewal in Douglas V. Steere’s Ecclesiology,” David L. Johns.

24:2, #72 (1989/90)

“Children of the Covenant; Children of the Light,” Mary Moehlman;
“Universal Spirituality: A Ministry among Friends and in the World,” Daniel A. Seeger;
Reviews: Calvin Keene, Douglas Gwyn.

24:3, #73 (1990)

“John Bright: Called to the Lord’s Service,” Howard F. Gregg;
“A Response: Mark Hatfield on the Christian and Politics,” Arthur O. Roberts;
“In Memory of John McCandless.”

24:4, #74 (1990)

“Restoring the Image: Perspectives on a Biblical View of Creation,” Gerald H. Wilson;
Response: Ruth Pitman;
“A Quaker Theology of the Stewardship of Creation,” Virginia Schurman;
Response: Dean Freiday.

25:1, #75 (1991)

“Do This and You Will Live,” Richard Bear;
“On the Folly of Seeking the Quaker Holy Grail,” H. Larry Ingle;
Responses: Douglas Gwyn, Hugh Barbour; “Spurgeon on Fox.”

25:2, #76 (1991)

“Fox Loved the Apostle Paul,” Alan Kolp;
“Was the Fourth Evangelist a Quaker?” Paul Anderson;
“‘Miserable Comforters,'” Larry Kuenning.

25:3, #77 (1992)

The Anarchy of the Ranters (abridged), R. Ward Harrington;
“Speaking about G-d: Some Dilemmas,” Daniel A. Seeger;
“Challenges in Discernment,” Joshua Brown;
Responses: Anne L. Olson, Mary Katherine Morse, Friends United Meeting, R. Ward Harrington.

25:4, #78 (1992)

“Everett L. Cattell and a Theology of Christian Missions,” David L. Johns;
“Bibliography of Works by Everett Lewis Cattell,” compiled by David L. Johns;
Responses: Robert Hess, T. Canby Jones, Ron Stansell;
“A Tribute to Everett L. Cattell, Missionary Statesman,” E. Anna Nixon.

26:1, #79 (1992)

“On a Theology for Modern Babylonians: The Exile as a Basis for Doing ‘Biblical Theology,'” Daniel L. Smith;
Response: Harold Thomas;
“In the Company of Spiritual Orphans,” Susan Willcuts Kendall;
“A Quaker in Russian Perestroika,” Boris Sudarushkin;
“Fox and the Centrality of Christ-A Message for All People,” Arthur Berk.

26:2, #80 (1993)

“Christ Jesus the Covenant of God: Two Views of the Quaker Doctrine of the Light,” Lucy Davenport;
“Robert Barclay and the Rhetoric of the Inward Light,” Michael P. Graves;
“The Names of God in George Fox and John Woolman,” Charlotte Condia-Williams;
“Early Friends and the Bible: Some Observations,” T. Vail Palmer, Jr.

26:3, #81 (1993)

“Stephen Crisp’s Short History as Spiritual Journey,” Michael P. Graves;
“John Woolman’s Journal: Narrative as Quaker Values Transmission,” Edward Higgins;
“The Transformation of the American Quaker Narrative Style, 1850-1910,” Thomas D. Hamm;
“Comments on the Papers of Graves, Higgins, Hamm,” J. William Frost.

26:4, #82 (1994)

“Mothers as Prophets,” Margaret Benefiel;
“A Better and Enduring Substance,” David William McKay;
Response: Carole Spencer;
“Feminist Biblical Hermeneutics,” Springs Steele;
Response: Ruth Pitman;
“1993 Parliament of World’s Religions,” David L. Johns;
“Seeking Unity About Koinonia,” Dean Freiday.

27:1, #83 (1994)

“Somalia and War,” Phil Smith;
Response: Elise Boulding;
“New Roles for the United Nations: Problems and Opportunities in Haiti,” Lon Fendall; “Human Welfare: Economics and Theology,” Thomas D. Paxson;
Response: Tom Head.

27:2, #84 (1995) “New Testament Account of the Resurrection,” Lauren A. King;
Response: Paul Anderson.

27:3, #85 (1995)

“Thomas Kelly: Some New Insights,” T. Canby Jones;
“The Impact of Thomas Kelly on American Religious Life,” E. Glenn Hinson;
“A Testament of Devotion: An Appreciation,” Elaine M. Prevallet, S.L.;
“Thomas Kelly: At Home in the Blessed Community,” Howard R. Macy;
“New Lights and Inner Light,” Richard M. Kelly.

27:4, #86 (1995)

“Understanding the Bible,” Ronald D. Worden;
“A Perspective on Friends Membership,” Grant Thompson;
“Centrality of the Concept of ‘Practice’ Among Quakers,” Rupert Read;
“On Faith,” John Miller;
“Dialogue on the Resurrection,” Ronald Blackburn, Lauren King; “Remembering Ward Harrington.”

28:1, #87 (1996) Quaker Theological Discussion Group:

“Religion and Ethics in the Thought of Richard Ullmann,” T. Vail Palmer, Jr.;
Responses to Issue #86: R.W. Tucker, Bill Samuel.

28:2, #88 (1997)

“Quakers and the Broader Christian Movement,” Arthur O. Roberts;
“The Quaker Vision and the Doing of Theology,” R. Melvin Keiser;
“Christian Dialogue in the Seventeenth Century,” Dean Freiday.

28:3, #89 (1997)

“The Presence in the Midst,” Janet Scott;
“Christian Accords and Contentions on Peace,” Thomas D. Paxson, Jr.;
“Liberal Friends’ Response to Other Faiths,” Margery Post Abbott.

28:4, #90 (1998)

“The Search for Unity in Diversity Among Friends,” Wilmer A. Cooper;
“The American Holiness Movement: Why Did It Captivate Nineteenth-Century
Quakers?” Carole Spencer;
“Ritual Management of Presence and Absence: The Liturgical Significance of Silence,” David L. Johns;
“In Defense of Folly,” Dean Freiday.

29:1, #91 (1998)

“Resisting the Inevitable: Universal and Particular Salvation in the Thought of Robert Barclay,” Hugh S. Pyper;
“Religion, the Biblical Gospel, and Conversion,” Earl Grant.

29:2, #92 (1999)

“Some Issues From Nineteenth Century Quakerism,” T. Vail Palmer, Jr.;
“Contemplative Prayer,” Keith R. Maddock;
“Better Than a Plaque,” Paul Buckley, Susan Jeffers.

29: 3, #93 (1999)

“A Quaker Understanding of Jesus Christ,” Arthur O. Roberts;
“Gene Therapy in Biomedicine: Ethical Dilemmas,” Kent Thornburg, Miles Edwards;
Response: Phil Smith;
“Confronting the Demonic Quality of the Death Penalty,” James Hannon;
“Response to Vail Palmer,” John Beck;
“Better than a Plaque (Addendum),” Paul Buckley.

29:4, #94 (2000)

“On Jesus: Quests for Historicity, and the History of Recent Quests” and “Bibliography-Historical Jesus,” Paul Anderson;
“Reflections on Contemporary Bible Translation,” Howard R. Macy.

30:1, #95 (2000) Legacies of Early Quaker Women:

“‘Hanging as a Flag:'” Mary Dyer and Quaker Hagiography,” David L. Johns;
“Margaret Fell: Historical Context and Shape of Early Quaker Thought,” Sally Bruyneel;
Review Essay: After Our Likeness: The Church in the Image of the Trinity (by Miroslav Volf), Gregg Koskela.

30:2, #96 (2001)

“Quaker Hagiography,” Dean Freiday;
Reviews of Gentle Invaders, Shannon Craigo-Snell, Tomas Hamm;
Response: Linda Selleck;
“‘Darkness’ in the Journal of George Fox,” Paul Buckley.

30:3, #97 (2001) Uses of Scripture by Early Friends:

Editorial Essay: “Is There a Quaker Hermeneutic?” Paul Anderson;
“George Fox’s Use of the Bible,” Ronald Worden;
“Robert Barclay and the Bible,” Dean Freiday;
“George Keith: Biblical Apologist for the Religious Society of Friends,” Juliet H. Dodds;
“Samuel Fisher: Seventeenth-Century Quaker Biblical Scholar,” Timothy W. Seid; “Elizabeth Bathhurst and Truth’s Vindication,” Mary Garman;
“Reading Scripture with Dorothy White,” Michael Birkel;
Response: “Can There Be a Quaker Hermeneutic?” Hugh S. Pyper.

30:4, #98 (2002)

“The Individual and the Meeting,” Martha Paxson Grundy;
Responses to Jesus Quests, QRT #94:
Letter to the Editor and Editor’s Response;
“The Jesus Seminar from the Inside,” Marcus Borg;
“A Response from Jesus Scholars in General,” Mark Allen Powell;
“Jesus Projects: A Theological Critique,” Gary Kinkel;
“Jesus Matters: A Response to Professors Borg, Powell, and Kinkel,” Paul Anderson.

#99 & 100 (2003)

Reviews of Reasons for Hope: The Faith and Future of the Evangelical

Friends Church (by John Punshon): Arthur Roberts, Gayle Beebe, Carole Spencer;
Response: John Punshon;
Reviews of The Light in Their Consciences: The Early Quakers in Britain, 1646-1666 (by Rosemary Moore): Steven Angell, Corey Beals;
Response: Rosemary Moore;

Quakers and Science-A New Look at the Relationships:

“Quakers and Science-Myths, Realities and the Science-Religion Dialogue,” Paul Anderson;
“Quakers and Science: An Overview,” Geoffrey Cantor;
“Quakers in Coalbrookdale: Women, War and Money,” Grace Jantzen;
“Science as a Powerful Practice,” Nancey Murphy.

#101 (2003)

“The Kingdom of God After 9-11,” Tricia Gates Brown;
“The Call of Truth-The Peace Testimony During a Time of Terror,” Ann K. Riggs;
“Contemporary Modes and Christian Mandate in Conflict Resolution-Peacemaking in
an Age of Genocide,” Ambassador David Rawson;
“Crucifying Contemporary Christs-Spiritual Implications of Wartime Economics,” Cliff
Marrs; A Tribute to J. Calvin Keene by Dean Freiday.

#102 (2004) A Quaker Approach to Truth:

“Truth as a Way of Life,” Corey Beals;
“Every Thought Captive to Christ,” Arthur O. Roberts;

Reviews of Seekers Found (by Doug Gwyn): T. Vail Palmer, Stephanie Ford;
Response: Doug Gwyn.

#103 (2004) Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Quakers:

“Intersections Between Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Quakers,” Howard R. Macy;
“King and Quakers: Conscientious Objection for Social Change,” Lonnie Valentine;

Reviews of Exploring Heaven and Prayers at Twilight (by Arthur O. Roberts): Stephen
K. Moroney, Tom Johnson; Response: Arthur O. Roberts.

#104 (2005) Cross-Cultural Outreach Among Friends:

“Reflections on Quaker Mestizaje,” Pamela Calvert;
“The Voice of Friends Has Many Accents,” Kenneth E. Comfort;
John Woolman Reconsidered: Two Reviews of A Near Sympathy (by Michael Birkel): Max L. Carter, T. Canby Jones; Response: Michael Birkel; Two Reviews of The Tendering Presence (by Mike Heller): Max L. Carter, T. Canby Jones; Response: Mike Heller.

#105 (2005) The Center of Quaker Faith and Practice:

“A Christo-Textured Life: The Center of Practical Faith,” David Johns
“A Dynamic Christocentricity: The Center of Faithful Praxis,” Paul Anderson

Reviews of QRT-The First One Hundred Issues:

“Quaker Religious Thought-The First 50 Issues,” Shane Kirkpartick;
“Quaker Religious Thought-Issues 50-100” Susan Jeffers

#106-107 (2006) Corporate Discernment and Decision Making:

“Discernment: Corporate and Individual Considerations,” Charles J. Conniry, Jr.;
“Discernment: Corporate and Individual Considerations,” Bruce Bishop;
“The Meeting for Worship in which Business is Conducted,” Paul Anderson;
“Voting Not to Vote-Toward Consensus in the WCC,” Eden Grace

Quaker Contributions to American Democracy:

“E Pluribus Unum? Quaker Approaches to Plurality and Unity in Pennsylvania (1682-1764),” Stephen W. Angell;
“A Virtual Repeal: Political Obligation and Civil Dissent in Quaker Thought,” Jane E. Calvert;
“Toward Justice: Quaker Influences in American Democracy-a Response,” Emma Lapsanski-Werner;

Reviews of The Liturgies of Quakerism and Towards Tragedy/Reclaiming Hope by Ben Pink Dandelion

Hugh Barbour and Ruth Pitman; Author’s Response, Ben Pink Dandelion;
“A Friendly Letter to the Vatican,” Paul Anderson

# 108 (2007) Truth and Power:

“Speaking Truth to Power,” Newton Garver;
“Empowering the Truth,” Shannon Craigo-Snell;
“Truth, Power, and Christ,” Paul Anderson;

Reviews of Signs of Salvation by Ben Richmond;

“Signs of Grace: A Review of Ben Richmond’s Signs of Salvation,” Jacci Welling;
“Signs of salvation: Some Reflections on Friends’ Proclaiming the Gospel to the World,” Brian Drayton;
Author’s Response, Ben Richmond

#109 (2007) A Friendly View of the Sacraments:

“Early Friends’ Views of the Sacraments,” Stephen W. Angell
“The New and Eternal Covenant,” Timothy W. Seid
“An Incarnational Sacramentology,” Paul Anderson
“Work as Sacrament: The Quaker Bridge from Sunday to Monday,” Kent Walkemeyer
“(Re)visioning Sacramental Theology: A Response,” David L. Johns
“A Response to Friendly Sacramentology in Ecumenical Perspective,” Ann K. Riggs
“Friends and the Sacraments; Emerging Consensus and Ongoing Questions,” Corey Beals.

#110 (2008)

“Quakers on the Spectrum of Nonviolence,” Cherice Bock

Reviews of Holiness: the Soul of Quakerism, by Carole Dale Spencer:

“Holiness, Perfection, and Orthodoxy,” Stephen W. Angell
“The Pure Principle and Baptism of the Spirit,” Margery Post Abbott
“Holiness—The Central Trunk of the Quaker Family Tree,” Jim Le Shana
Author’s Response, Carole Spencer

Tributes to Dean Freiday:

“Dean Freiday, Robert Barclay, and John Cassian,” Michael Birkel
“A Tribute to Dean Freiday,” Arthur O. Roberts

#111 (2008) Celebrating 50 Years of Quaker Religious Thought and the Quaker Theological Discussion Group!

The Rise and Progress of QRT and QTDG:
“The Origin and Vision of QRT and QTDG,” Wilmer Cooper
“The Beginnings of QRT and QTDG,” Kate Newlin
“Quaker Theological Discussion Group 1985-1990,” Doug Gwynn
“Quaker Theological Discussion Group 1990-2008,” Paul Anderson
“The Historical Importance of QRT and QTDG,” Hugh Barbour

Highlights of QRT after 50 Years:

“#s 1-10 (1959-1963, Calvin Keene, ed.),” Ruth Pitman
“#s 11-20 (1964-1968),” T. Canby Jones
“#s 21-38 (1969-1974),” Christine Downing
“#s 39-71 (1974-1989; Palmer & Freiday, eds.),” T. Vail Palmer
“#s 71-94 (1989-2000),” Arthur O. Roberts
“#s 95-111 (2000-2008),” Paul Anderson
“In Memory of Wilmer Cooper,” Paul Anderson

#112 (2009) A Quaker Theology of Education:

“From Cutting Edge to Chopping Block: Reclaiming a Quaker Approach to Christian
Higher Education,” Jamie Johnson
“The Mission of the Christ-Centered Quaker College,” Paul Anderson
“A Quaker Theology of Education—A Response,” Caroline Whitbeck

Reviews of Sacred Compass: The way of Spiritual Discernment by J. Brent Bill

“A Review from Three Directions,” Galen McNemar Hamann
“A Review from the Deeper Hues of the Landscape,” Elizabeth Cazden
Author’s Response, J. Brent Bill

#113 (2009) Quakers and Levinas:

“Levinas and the Invisibility of God,” Jeffrey Dudiak
“Levinas and the Visibility of God: A ‘Seeing’ that does Not Know What it Sees,” Corey Beals
Friends and the Kingdom of God: “Recovering the Lost Radiance: The Kingdom of God, the Early Friends, and the Future of Quakerism,” Gerald Guiton

#114 (2010) A Friendly Apology for the 21st Century:

“No Apology Required: Quaker Fragmentation and the Impossibility of a Unified Confessional Apologia,” David L. Johns
“An Apology for Authentic Spirituality,” Paul Anderson
Responses to Johns and Anderson: Arthur O. Roberts and Stephen W. Angell
Responses to the “Quakers and Levinas” Essays by Dudiak and Bealss, QRT #113: Rachel Muers and Richard J. Wood

#115 (2010)

“‘His Power and Spirit in Their Hearts’—Quaker Spiritual Direction,” Barbara S. Worden
Leading Quaker Interpreters: “Howard Brinton as a Theologian and Apologist for ‘Real Quakerism,’” Anthony Manousos
“Jack Willcuts and Why Friends are Friends,” Arthur O. Roberts
Responses to “Quakers and Levinas” Responses by Muers and Wood,

#116-117 (2011)

“Romans 12:17-13:10 & Quakers’ Relation to the State,” Cherice Bock
“The (Com)Motion of Love: Theological Formation in John Woolman’s Itinerant Ministry,” Jon Kershner
“Who Took the Christ out of Quakerism? Rufus Jones and the Person and Work of Christ ,” Guy Aiken
“The 1955 Union and the Future of Friends,” Ruth Pitman
“Some Reflections on ‘the Apostasy’ and Ecumenism,” John Punshon
“A Quaker Scientist’s Case for God,” Richard K. Taylor
“Quakers, Slavery, and Racial Justice—Two Reviews,” C. Wess Daniels

#118 (2012) Quakers and Theism/Nontheism:

“Is ‘Nontheist Quakerism’ a Contradiction of Terms?” Paul Anderson
“Quakers and Non/Theism: Questions and Prospects,” Jeffrey Dudiak
“Nontheism among Friends: Its Emergence and Meaning,” David Boulton
“Response to David Boulton and Jeffrey Dudiak,” Shannon Craigo-Snell
“Response to Papers on Theism (Just a Little) and Non-Theism (Much More),” Patrick J. Nugent

#119 (2012) Elias Hicks and Allen Jay

“A Brief Introduction to Elias Hicks,” Paul Buckley
“New Light on Elias Hicks,” Stephen W. Angell
“Beyond the Myth: A Review of The Journal of Elias Hicks and Dear Friend: Letters and Essays of Elias Hicks,” Jim Le Shana
“Response,” Paul Buckley
“Allen Jay: A Holiness Quaker Extraordinaire,” Carole Dale Spencer
“Allen Jay: Minister, Leader Nurturing Leaders,” Howard R. Macy
“Response,” Joshua Brown
“Beyond Quaker Self-Referentiality: Maurice Creasey’s Vision of Ecumenism,” David L. Johns

#120 (2013) Responses to Collected Essays of Maurice Creasey, Edited by David L. Johns

“Quakers as Radical Christians—Maurice Creasey’s Theological Assessment of Essential Quakerism,” Paul N. Anderson
“The Christological Writings of Maurice Creasey: A Response,” Richard Bailey
“Maurice Creasey on Worship and Sacrament,” Howard R. Macy
“Laborers Together with God: Maurice Creasey and the Community of Friends,” Sally Bruyneel
“A Leader with Few Followers: Maurice Creasey and his Theological Vision for the Future of Quakerism,” Jon R. Kershner
“Response to Creasey Papers,” David L. Johns

#121(2013) Creation Care in the 21st Century

“Dividing and Conquering: The Dualistic
Roots of Environmentalism and Its Foes,” Corey Beals
“Suffering, Creation, and Luther’s Theologia Crucis,” Daniel L. Brunner
“Intertextuality and the Relationship of Humankind among Fish, Birds and
Creeping Things,” Roger S. Nam
“Gnosticizing Tendencies in the History of
Christian Spirituality,” Carole Spencer
“Review of Geoffrey Plank, John Woolman’s Path to the Peaceable Kingdom,” Jay Miller

#122 (2014) Reviews of Following Jesus and The Oxford Handbook of Quaker Studies

Reviews of Paul Anderson’s Following Jesus: The Heart of Faith and Practice


Carole Dale Spencer
Michael Willett Newheart
Peter Heltzel
Ruth Pitman
“Response by the Author,” Paul Anderson

Reviews of Stephen W. Angell and ‘Ben’ Pink Dandelion’s The Oxford Handbook of Quaker Studies


Paul Anderson
Matthew Hedstrom
Jon Kershner
Ann Riggs
“Response by the Authors,” Stephen W. Angell and ‘Ben’ Pink Dandelion

#123-124 (2014) The Future of Friends

British, Irish, European, and Pacific Rim Perspectives

“Friends in Britain,” Ben Pink Dandelion
“Friends in Ireland and Europe,” Johan Maurer
“Friends in Asia-West Pacific,” Gerard Guiton

North American Perspectives

“Friends General Conference,” Thomas Swain
“Friends United Meeting,” Sylvia Graves
“Conservative Friends,” William F. Rushby
“Evangelical Friends,” Wayne Evans

African and Asian Perspectives

“Friends in East Africa,” Ann K. Riggs
“Friends in Central Africa,” D. Elizabeth Todd
“Friends in India and Asia,” Ron Stansell

South and Central American Perspectives

“Friends in South America,” Harold Thomas
“Friends in Central America,” D. Gene Pickard
“The Future of Quakers in Central America,” Alvin and Lucy Anderson (ed. Paul Anderson)

Additional Essays

“The British Quaker Survey 2013,” Ben Pink Dandelion
“Review of Paul Buckley, The Essential Elias Hicks,” T. Vail Palmer

Tribute to T. Canby Jones

“Remembering T. Canby Jones,” Ron Rembert
“Tribute to Canby Jones” (a poem), Arthur O. Roberts

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