QTDG Videos Available

Thank you to the members of our two panels for our Quaker Theological Discussion Group gatherings today and yesterday! It was a joy to hear their insight, scholarship, experiences, and encouragement to dig deeper. The recordings of these sessions are now available (see links below).

The papers resulting from these discussions will be published in Quaker Religious Thought’s two issues of 2022. We encourage you to subscribe to Quaker Religious Thought (if you haven’t already) to get these great articles delivered right to your mailbox this spring and fall. Individuals, meetings, and libraries can subscribe.

Panel 1, January 7, 2022: Quaker Approaches to Understanding the Holy Spirit: Pneumatologies in Global Perspective, panelists Stephen Angell and Grace Ji-Sun Kim, respondent Laurel Kearns

Panel 2, January 8, 2022: Decolonizing the Quaker Peace Testimony, Sa’ed Atshan, tom kunesh, Cristina J. Montiel, Trayce Peterson

QTDG Videos Available

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