QRT #137 arriving soon

Cover of Quaker Religious Thought #137, words in post

Quaker Religious Thought #137 will arrive in mailboxes shortly! The Fall 2021 issue includes papers given at last year’s virtual panel on the Quaker theology of vocational ministry, as well as a tribute to former editor, T. Vail Palmer, a paper on Lucretia Mott, and book reviews. Update your subscription or order your copy of a single issue at our Subscribe page.

“Vocation as Story, Story as Vocation,” by Ben Brazil

“The Conflict is Inherent: A Quaker Theology of Vocational Ministry,” Robin Mohr

“A Dangerous Theology,” Emily Provance

“One Quaker’s Life in Ministry,” Lloyd Lee Wilson

“Remembering T. Vail Palmer, Jr.,” Paul N. Anderson

“Lucretia Mott: Isaiah 58,” Mark Bredin

“Review of Michael Birkel: Quakers Reading Mystics (Brill, 2018),” Mark Bredin

QRT #137 arriving soon

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