QRT #134 now available digitally

Quaker Religious Thought #134, Spring 2020, is now available as digital full text and on the Atla Religion Database. Read or revisit these articles:

“Margaret Fell, Reading in the Heart,” by Michael Birkel

“Inspiring Readings of the Inspired Text—Taking the Bible Personally, After the Manner of Friends,” by Paul Anderson

“‘Hearing to Speech’: A Participatory Theology of Word-Dwelling as Congregational Formation in God’s Mission,” by David Hahn

“Friends and Watershed Discipleship: Reconciling with People and the Land in Light of the Doctrine of Discovery,” by Cherice Bock

Book Review by Howard Macy of Margery Post-Abbott’s Walk Humbly, Serve Boldly: Modern Quakers as Everyday Prophets

Book Review by Kevin J. O’Brien of Cherice Bock and Stephen Potthoff, eds., Quakers, Creation Care, and Sustainability

QRT #134 now available digitally

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