2020 QTDG Videos Now Live

Dear All,

At long last, the recordings of the two panels on Quaker ministry held this past December through the Quaker Theological Discussion Group (QTDG) are available to view online! Share as you are led! We’re still planning our theme and panels for our upcoming meeting in November, and will share all of that information as soon as we are able. We are fully committed to incorporating hybrid elements into all of our meetings going forward!

Here are links to the sessions, along with a reminder of the themes – and presenters – on each panel:

Panel 1: What is a Quaker pastoral theology, and how is it enfleshed/embodied in community? (Friday, December 11)
Panelists: Ashley Wilcox, C. Wess Daniels, Oscar Lugusa Malande, Derek Brown, and Phil Baisley. Moderated by: Carole Spencer

Panel 2: What is a Quaker theology of vocational ministry, and how is it enfleshed/embodied in community? (Saturday, December 12)
Panelists: Ben Brazil, Robin Mohr, Kristina Keefe-Perry, Emily Provance, and Lloyd Lee Wilson. Moderated by: Christy Randazzo

Christy Randazzo (Co-chair of QTDG)

2020 QTDG Videos Now Live

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