New Member on the QRT Advisory Council: Oscar Lugusa Malande

QRT recently welcomed three new members to the advisory council. The first is Oscar Lugusa Malande.

Oscar Lugusa Malande is a member of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) Vihiga Yearly Meeting in Kenya. He has a Master of Arts and Certificate in Entrepreneurial Ministry from Earlham School of Religion, and currently teaches at Friends Theological College Kaimosi. He contributed to the chapter: “Quakers in Africa” in Cambridge Companion to Quakerism (Pink Dandelion and Stephen Angell, eds., Cambridge University Press, 2018), and his article: “The Concept of Hierarchy and Doing Ministry in the Church: Evaluating the Roles of Leaders and the Use of Authority in Quakerism” appeared in Quaker Religious Thought #133 (Fall 2019). He has been accepted into the doctoral program in Theology and Religion at University of Birmingham. He is married to Zipporah Adema and they are blessed with four children: two girls, Axtel and Georgia, and two boys, Samuel and Jayriggs.

New Member on the QRT Advisory Council: Oscar Lugusa Malande

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