QRT #134 – Kevin J. O’Brien Reviews: “Quakers, Creation Care, and Sustainability”

What do Friends have to say about caring for the planet?

Are Quaker individuals and groups working toward a sustainable future? How do environmental concerns relate to Friends theology? In the final article in QRT #134, Kevin J. O’Brien ( Pacific Lutheran University ) reviews Quakers, Creation Care, and Sustainability (eds. Cherice Bock and Stephen Potthoff ) the Friends Association for Higher Education 2019 volume in the Quakers And The Disciplines series.

Says O’Brien, “What I appreciate most about the book is the way it embraces many different kinds of authority, bringing a broad range of Quaker voices into conversation about what can and should be done about environmental degradation.” Contributions from 27 Friends (and those working in Friends organizations) consider Quaker history and theology, Friends working on sustainability in a number of disciplines, and the work of major Quaker organizations. Check out O’Brien’s review by ordering QRT #134, and learn about FAHE’s book series.

QRT #134 – Kevin J. O’Brien Reviews: “Quakers, Creation Care, and Sustainability”

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