QRT #136 now online!

Quaker Religious Thought #136 (Spring 2021) is now available for free online in digital format. Read each of the articles from the Quaker Theological Discussion Group gatherings in 2020 on the theme, “What is a Quaker theology of vocational ministry, and how is it enfleshed/embodied in community?” Other articles and book reviews are also included. QRT is available in print to individuals, meetings, and schools that subscribe, and 18 months later, articles are accessible digitally to everyone.

About this Issue,” by Jon R. Kershner

Caring for Each Other,” by Ashley M. Wilcox

Quaker Pastoral Theology and its Embodiment in Community,” by Oscar Lugusa Malande

Revolutionary Faithfulness: Quaker Pastoral Practice and Theology in an Age of Empire,” by C. Wess Daniels

A Methodological Proposal for Programmed Quaker Practical Theology,” by Derek Brown

What is a Quaker Pastoral Theology, and How is it Enfleshed/Embodied in Community?” by Phil Baisley

Oregon Yearly Meeting and the Peace Testimony, Part II: Relationship with the American Friends Service Committee, 1938–1954,” by Cherice Bock

Review of David Lewis, A Word From the Lost: Remarks on James Nayler’s Love to the Lost and a Hand Held Forth to the Helpless to Lead Out of the Dark,” by Carole Dale Spencer

Review of Jon R. Kershner, ed., Quakers and Mysticism: Comparative and Syncretic Approaches to Spirituality,” by Stuart Masters

Review of C. Wess Daniels, Resisting Empire: The Book of Revelation,” by Mark Condo

Review of Derek Brown, On Quaker Pastors,” by Ruthie Severance

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QRT #136 now online!