QRT #138 is in the mail!

If you’re a Quaker Religious Thought subscriber, you’ll soon receive your copy of Issue 138 in the mail. If you’re not yet a subscriber, it’s not too late! Order your copy today. This issue includes the papers presented at our first Quaker Theological Discussion Group gathering in January, “Quaker Approaches to Understanding the Holy Spirit: Pneumatologies in Global Perspective,” by Grace Ji-Sun Kim and Stephen W. Angell of Earlham School of Religion, and Laurel D. Kearns of Drew Theological School. The issue also includes book reviews by Jon R. Kershner of Drew Lawson’s Movings of Divine Love: The Love of God in the Letters of John Woolman, by Lorraine Watson of Marty Grundy’s A Call to Friends: Faithful Living in Desperate Times, and by Howard R. Macy of Brian Drayton’s Messages to Meetings. Finally, Haverford College student Lauren Tanel describes a film project based on archival footage from the Haverford Quaker Collection regarding Quaker self-understandings during World War II.

QRT #138 is in the mail!

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