QRT #137 – “Remembering T. Vail Palmer, Jr.,” by Paul N. Anderson

After the death of Quaker Religious Thought founding member and former editor, T. Vail Palmer, Jr., in February 2021, Paul N. Anderson offered a remembrance of him in QRT #137 (Fall 2021). The remembrance includes a brief biography and highlights of Palmer’s service among Friends, as well as his contributions to scholarship. A bibliography of Palmer’s written works appears, detailing 13 articles in QRT ranging from 1964 to 2008, other essays, and two books. Learn more when you order this issue and/or subscribe here.

Palmer was editor of QRT issues #39–46 and co-editor with Dean Freiday of issues #47–54. View his contributions to QRT. You can also purchase his books through Barclay Press: Face to Face: Early Quaker Encounters with the Bible (2016) and A Long Road: How Quakers Made Sense of God and the Bible (2017).

QRT #137 – “Remembering T. Vail Palmer, Jr.,” by Paul N. Anderson

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