Attn: International Readers

Beginning with issue #134, QRT will be free to readers outside the United States.

The reason for this is simple. According to US customs law, if we sell QRT internationally, we must pay customs fees. For a typical issue of QRT, that amount would be $20.00 to $40.00.  Obviously, this is far more than our printing and mailing costs combined.  If we charge you nothing, and thus avoid customs fees, we can print and mail you a copy of QRT for about $10 ($20 annually).

Going forward, we will ask international readers to contribute toward the cost of printing and mailing QRT.  Such contributions will be voluntary. We want you to continue reading QRT, whether you choose to contribute or not.

Sign up to receive your free subscription. If you would like to contribute toward your (or someone else’s) international subscription, please visit our Subscribe page.

Happy Reading!
Quaker Religious Thought

Attn: International Readers

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