QRT #139 arriving soon

Our Fall 2022 issue of Quaker Religious Thought, #139, will be in the mail soon. Based on the Quaker Theological Discussion Group panel presentation on “Decolonizing the Quaker Peace Testimony” in January 2022, this issue includes the following articles:

  • “Unsettling: On Palestinian Quaker Theology,” by Sa’ed Atshan
  • “Decolonizing the Quaker Peace Testimony in the Global South,” by Cristina J. Montiel
  • “Radical Hospitality and Peace,” by Trayce Peterson
  • “What Would It Take to Decolonize the ‘Quaker Peace Testimony’?” by tom kunesh
  • Review of Stuart Masters, The Rule of Christ: Themes in the Theology of James Nayler (Brill, 2021), by Mark Bredin

Have you subscribed to QRT? See options for ordering a single issue or subscribing as an individual, a meeting, or a library here.

QRT #139 arriving soon

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