Call for Papers for 2018 November Meeting in Denver

Call for Papers

Quaker Theological Discussion Group at American Academy of Religion, Denver CO

November 16, 2018

The Impact of World War I on Quaker Thought and Practice

To commemorate the global World War I Centenary that concludes at the end of this year, the QTDG invites paper proposals on a wide range of topics related to the impact of the war – including its lead up and aftermath – upon Quaker thought in the Twentieth Century. Papers would explore: Quaker thought and action related to peace, justice, and violence: new theological trends to emerge from the impact of the war: and new organizations for relief work in Europe, reflected in the work of leading Quaker voices and activists such as Henry Cadbury, William Hull, Rufus Jones, Neave Brayshaw, Ruth Fry and many others.

Send proposal title and synopsis (250-300 words) to QTDG chairs: Carole Spencer and DanChristy Randazzo   Deadline is August 30, 2018.

Call for Papers for 2018 November Meeting in Denver

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