Current Issue: Future of Friends Issue #123-124 (Nov. 2014)

British, Irish, European, and Pacific Rim Perspectives

Friends in Britain Ben Pink Dandelion

Friends in Ireland and Europe Johan Maurer

Friends in Asia-West Pacific Gerard Guiton

North American Perspectives

Friends General Conference Thomas Swain

Friends United Meeting Sylvia Graves

Conservative Friends William F. Rushby

Evangelical Friends Wayne Evans

African and Asian Perspectives 

Friends in Eastern Africa Ann K. Riggs

Friends in Central Africa D. Elizabeth Todd

Friends in India and Asia Ron Stansell

South and Central American Perspectives

Friends in South America Harold Thomas

Friends in Central America D. Gene Pickard

The Future of Quakers in Central America Alvin and Lucy Anderson (ed. Paul Anderson)

Additional Essays

The British Quaker Survey 2013 Ben Pink Dandelion

Review of Paul Buckley, The Essential Elias Hicks T.  Vail Palmer Jr.

Tribute to T. Canby Jones

Remembering T. Canby Jones Ron Rembert

Tribute to Canby Jones (a poem) Arthur O. Roberts

Current Issue: Future of Friends Issue #123-124 (Nov. 2014)

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