The purpose of the Quaker Theological Discussion Group (QTDG) is to explore the meaning and implications of our Quaker faith and religious experience through discussion and publication. This search for unity in the claim of truth upon us concerns both the content and application of our faith.

Quaker Religious Thought (QRT) is a print journal sponsored by the Quaker Theological Discussion Group and publishes many of the paper presentations given to the QTDG, as well as other articles and book reviews of interest to the Religious Society of Friends. QRT is published twice annually as a print journal and becomes available digitally after 18 months.

You can access our digital archives online, view our index of past articles, or subscribe to QRT.

QRT #134 now available digitally

Quaker Religious Thought #134, Spring 2020, is now available as digital full text and on the Atla Religion Database. Read or revisit these articles:

“Margaret Fell, Reading in the Heart,” by Michael Birkel

“Inspiring Readings of the Inspired Text—Taking the Bible Personally, After the Manner of Friends,” by Paul Anderson

“‘Hearing to Speech’: A Participatory Theology of Word-Dwelling as Congregational Formation in God’s Mission,” by David Hahn

“Friends and Watershed Discipleship: Reconciling with People and the Land in Light of the Doctrine of Discovery,” by Cherice Bock

Book Review by Howard Macy of Margery Post-Abbott’s Walk Humbly, Serve Boldly: Modern Quakers as Everyday Prophets

Book Review by Kevin J. O’Brien of Cherice Bock and Stephen Potthoff, eds., Quakers, Creation Care, and Sustainability

QRT #134 now available digitally